8th European Rogaining Championships, July 23-24, 2011, Latvia     
Rogaining finished!
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Latest entered team:
PT Hysteria @ start group XJ24

Teams, 24h competition: 298
Teams, 6h competition: 29
Teams, total: 327

People, 24h competition: 647
People, 6h competition: 63
People, total: 710

Top 3 countries by number of participants:
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22 Feb 2011
To continue or not to continue

That is the question about registration. Even more. Some of you, we're sure, are getting nervous about the fate of your entry. And it's time to breath freely - everyone registered so far are accepted as participants of ERC2011.
New limits? Still not reached. But every next entry, anyway, leads more and more from "I'll do whatever I like" to "Everyone is very kindly requested to follow instructions". There are a lot of places in the world, where a lot of people can live together and feel good at the same time, ain't it? Nevertheless, each next entry will again get that lovely small clock next to team number, sorry...

State of entries from waiting list is changed to "registered/not paid", and newly accepted teams will receive an invoice on e-mail. If not, ask registration@rogaining.lv 

Thank you!

Registration continues!

22 Feb 2011
Once upon a time

While you are following the registration events for the 8th ERC, let us look - what was in the very beginning of the ERC.
The 1st  European Rogaining Championships was held in Perm, Russia. 84 rogainers in 40 teams took part, 5 countries were represented. But it was the beginning. Russian rogainers really love rogaining. This year's registration shows it very well, too. But this "illness" has been spread out also to Latvia and Estonia.
You can find results and some event details in our Documents section.
Photos - HERE.

10 Feb 2011
Registration continues!

Limit of 500 participants, which is stated in Bulletin 2, is reached, and now it is for sure - new limit will be announced. Registration continues. If team's status will be changed from "waiting list" to "registered", team will receive invoice according entry fee rates on date when registering to "waiting list" was made.
At the same time, perhaps, we have to adjust some other constraints, regarding payment (payment method agreement) importance to hold team in list as "registered/unpaid". If your status is "registered/paid", you may relax, you are in. Bank transfers are checked once every day or two.

07 Feb 2011
Do you remember...

...the end of July, IMG-2231.jpg2007? Yes, ERC2007 or 4th European Champs. Smiltene, Latvia. Event was excellently managed by Guntars and Raimonds and their supporters and friends. Event centre were only 16km crow fly from this year's hash-house. And many of you will meet again in the end of July, 2011. New territory, old friends.

07 Feb 2011
Waiting list opens

First limit of 450 lido_zemuhas been reached within less than a week. Every next entry will go to the waiting list for 50 vacancies.
We should admit - rogaining is popular!
Organizers will decide about extra places very soon.

Registration continues!

04 Feb 2011
About SI cards

Dear rogainers!

/update - good news/

For technical reasons*  ONLY SI-Card6 may be used in ERC2011 (see Bulletin 2), in both, 24h and 6h, competitions, if you going to visit more than 45 controls. SI-Card6 numbers, as specified in SportIdent documentation, are within interval 500,000 - 999,999. As we can see from registration data, many of you have registered with other types of SI-Cards.
*Only SI-Card6 will store more then 64 punches from SI stations programmed in 192 punch mode.

Please, make a decision before transfer your payment, will you get SI-Card6 from your friends or will you rent one from organizers. Edit team data and get fresh invoice.

Organizers will not accept protests, if some of you will go over storage potential of your SI card. Take in account - we will use about 80 CP and also stations at designated road crossings.

Thank you for cooperation!

02 Feb 2011
Registration - first 24 hours
200 participants in 90 teams - these are results of first day in registration to ERC2011. 40% seats reserved. Leader countries unchanged. Certainly, we hope to salute even more national flags at the competition centre.

01 Feb 2011
Registration started!

Registration to ERC2011 has been launched. First minutes showed more than 50 entrants from different countries - Russia, Estonia, Latvia at the top. First rush - first mistakes. We will clean up in next few hours. If you have any problems or questions - registration@rogaining.lv

Have a nice day!

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